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Andy Baker - one of London's leading session guitaristsEquipment.


Gibson Les Paul Deluxe (1972)

Fender Squire Stratocaster Customized (inc. Seymour Duncan stacked hum buckers)

Custom Fender Strat (Bob Barry birds eye maple, ebony finger board neck, Seymour Duncan JB p/u's)

Guild Jumbo Acoustic


Marshall Super 100watt P.A plexi (1969)

Marshall Super 100watt bass (1970)

Mesa / Boogie 50/50 Power Amp

Groove Tube Trio pre-amp (extra valve added)


Marshall 1936 cab

Effects & Miscellaneous

T.C Electronic G Major

Line 6 Delay Modular

Digital Music Corporation GCX Switching System

Palmer ADIG-LB Speaker simulator x 2

  1. Boss CS 2 compressor
  2. Boss SD Super overdrive
  3. Ibanez TS 9 Tube Screamer( Analog Man TS-808 modification)
  4. Electro-Harmonix Small Clone
  5. MXR Phase 90
  6. Electro-Harmonix Memory Man Deluxe
  7. Line 6 Pro Filter Modular

Balanced A/B box

Palmer Y box

Morley Bad Horsie Wah

Ernie Ball Volume pedal

Whirlwind Cables

All the effects from a) to f) go into the GCX switching system and then into the Palmer Y box, which is then split into the two Marshall 100 watt heads, both have the speaker outputs going into the Palmer ADIG-LB and then come out balanced going into the balanced A/B box (which is the GCX controls) then going on to the T.C Electronic G Major and Line 6 Delay Modular. It then finally sent into stereo into the Mesa / Boogie 50/50 , going on to the Marshall cab.

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